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Вопросы в посольстве

Ниже представляем Вам ориентировочный список вопросов в посольстве.


1. What is your name?  
2. What language do you prefer?
3. You  are an exchange student, aren’t you?
4. Why do you want to go to the USA? 
5. What is the purpose of your visit to the USA?
6. When do you want/need to start your job in the USA?
7. What job are you going to have in the USA?
8. How this experience will help you in your future?
9. Where are you going to work in the USA?
10. Where are you going to stay in the USA?
11. How long are you going to stay in the USA?
12. What will you do if you have problems with your boss at work in the US?
13. When will you leave the US?
14. When will you come back to Ukraine?
15. What will you do after you come back to Ukraine?
16. Are you married? Do you have children?
17. Do you live with your parents?  Why?
18. Have you got brothers or sisters? Are they participating in any exchange program?
19. Have you ever been abroad? Where & When?
20. What is your favorite country? Why?
21. Do you have friends or relatives aboard?
22. What do your parents think about your participation in the program?
23. Who gives you money for the trip? Who pays for you trip?
24. What is your parents (annual) income? How much do you parents earn?
25. Where do you parents work?
26. Do you have a job? Do you work right now?
27. If yes, where do you work and what’s your job?
28. Is it a full-time or a part-time employment?
29. What is your income?
30. How many rooms are there in your flat?
31. Can you describe yourself? How can you characterize yourself?
32. Can you describe your home town?
33. Are you a student? Can you say that you are an excellent student?
34. Are you a full-time or a part-time student?
35. Where do you study?
36. What faculty/department do you study at?
37. What is your major?
38. Why have you chosen this major/department/faculty/university?
39. What year are you in?
40. How many years do you have to go?
41. When are you going to graduate?
42. Will you have problems at university if you come back late?
43. Will you have any problems if you leave early?
44. What are you going to do after graduation?
45. What are your plans for the future?
46. What is your future job?
47. How well do you know/speak English?
48. How long have you been learning English? Where?
49. Did you take any courses?
50. Have you got any medical restrictions?
51. Do you have medical problems?
52. Are you on medication?
53. Do you have any chronic diseases?
54. Have you ever been charged with any thing in Ukraine or abroad?
55. What’s the name of your rector? Dean? Vice-dean?
56. What’s the name of your English language Tutor?
57. What is your favorite subject in university?
58. What is your older brother's name?
59. What classes did you miss today? At what time?
60. What classes will you have tomorrow?
61. Who is your teacher in Philosophy?
62. What exams did you have last session?
63. How did you pass them?
64. You are a second timer? Aren’t you?
65. Why did you return so late?


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